Executive Chef Jeremy Anders

A special message from Chef Anders:

I would like to thank the wonderful guests of the Hensley’s group for the encouragement and hospitality. Thanks to Steve Stavinoha for this awesome opportunity.

I have 22 years experience working in a kitchen while maintaining a solid pattern of growth and reputation. I have had years of training with excellent chefs in various restaurants.  As an Executive Chef, I hold creative responsibility in designing original concept menus with professional industry standards that are one of a kind. During my career I’ve encompassed every department of the trade: staff & M.I.T. training all stations including brick oven pizzas, smokers, grills, sauté, prep, fry, flat, mid, catering, festivals, wine tastings, etc.

After a stint in general management I realized I missed being in the kitchen as much as I missed being closer to my family. So I made a life choice to be closer to my family and focus on cooking great food every day. I’m thankful to have found Hensley’s Top Shelf Grill. It is what some may call a true “fit”.

You as a guest should know that you have a lifetime chef that is coming into his prime maturity as a chef. I look forward to expressing and sharing the joys I get from great food – both inventive and traditional.

Please never hesitate to contact us at 405.265.4076 with special requests. I have experience in working private parties, banquets, concerts, wine tastings, and events.

Thank you all,

Chef J.D. Anders